Enter the Queue via Digital Display or Voice or SMS:
  Offer your customers the convenience to get into the queue by displaying the ticket number or by calling or by sending an sms
Tablet and Mobile based applications
Tablet solution with virtual ticket

QSmart involves ticketing kiosk and queue management system, which functions as the first point of interaction with customers. Its multilingual capability accommodates different language speaking customers with an equal level of customer service.

The ticketing system prints only one ticket number per service. Holding a ticket printed with a specific queue number and average waiting time, customers can comfortably sit in the
waiting room, having the leisure of reading a magazine or chatting with another customer without having to worry about missing their turn due to queue jump or unpredictable waiting times.

QSmart streamlines customer flow and creates for a more interactive waiting experience.

QSmart professional statistical reports provide useful overall information with regards to the provision of customer service, level of productivity of staff and the analysis of peak time intervals. QSmart professional queue management software captures important variables such as average waiting time, average transaction time, transactions being served within target time (set by management), the longest transaction and at which time it occurred and many other useful variables.

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